Guilt in One Day

Guilt for waking up later than planned.

Guilt for not eating breakfast on time.

Guilt for eating breakfast standing at the kitchen counter.

Guilt for using too much water to shower and thereby murdering the planet.

Guilt for not fitting into my pants.

Guilt for not being enough.

Guilt for throwing recyclables in the trash.

Guilt for walking by that homeless person and not looking them in the eye.

Guilt for having more than others.

Guilt for not having enough.

Guilt for not being able to concentrate.

Guilt for having been fired from so so so many jobs.

Guilt for the third glazed sourdough donut.

Guilt for not making the most of my self, my talents, and my life so far.

Guilt for whining.

Guilt for lacking confidence.

Guilt for falling for Internet distractions.

Guilt for laughing at that kid that got knocked over by a cat and fell on his face.

Guilt for that extra piece of cake.

Guilt for the unkind thing I said to my friend when I was meaning to “help”.

Guilt for just not caring about the tragedy on the news.

Guilt for crying over people I’ve never met.

Guilt for not knowing enough to treasure my father.

Guilt for not saying goodbye when my father died.

Guilt for hiding behind anonymity.

Guilt for not helping more people sooner.

Guilt for possibly not helping anyone now.

Guilt for tipping the scale passed where it’s “supposed” to be.

Guilt for listening to people who declare anything I’m supposed to be.

Guilt for enjoying a beautiful day while others toil.

Guilt for being happy.

Guilt for being miserable.

Guilt for peeking into uncovered windows at night when the lights are on inside.

Guilt for keeping the item the clerk mistakenly put into my order.

Guilt for making lists when I “should” be “working”.

Guilt for using air quotes on paper.   😉

Guilt for using emojis.

Guilt for binge-watching that stupid show no one in their right mind would give ten minutes to.

Guilt for falling asleep and drooling on the sofa.

Guilt for dreaming about that one star in that one show feeding me donuts naked.


This post is a snapshot in time. It reflects what I understand about myself and the world at this moment. It contains zero medical advice. To repeat, this entire experiment is one person’s interpretation of events and reflects my opinion only. Do your own research. Draw your own conclusions.

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